Our prepress team, at the cutting edge of technology, works with all the latest ESKO software and equipment. Our CTP plates (computer to plate) can reach high definition up to 200lpi.

Concerned about our environment, our plates development system use 80% less chemicals and cut in half our development time compared to our old film developer.

For color sensitive projects, we can provide an Epson proof, calibrated with a profile of our presses to obtain the most representative results possible to a real impression.

Files requirements for flexography

Flexography is a direct printing process using polymers plates, meaning that the engraved plate is in direct contact with the material. The advantage of flexography is its versatility and speed, we can print on a variety of materials like paper, plastic and vinyl.

Four of our presses have up to eight (8) printing units, add to that a corona unit, lamination and two cutting units with a width up to 12". All this in the same process, which save us time and money that leads to a very effective turnaround timing.

With our cameras integrated on press, we can constantly keep our register and our printing quality throughout our run. In addition, a color evaluation with the density and viscosity of the ink is done randomly repeatedly throughout our printing to obtain a constancy.

We use water-based ink for the sake of the environment and to improve the working environment of our team. But sometimes, we also print with UV ink which helps to bring out the colors even more and has a longer life than water-based ink.

When flexography is not enough, we also have hot stamping and embossing to complete your creations.

Our finishing department is equipped with a rewinder which can print consecutive numbering, on both side front and back, simple numbers, variable texts or even bar codes.

Flexographic printing will be your best choice :

  • if you have a large amount of labels to print
  • if you have special colors to be match
  • if you need a special substrate
Our team of experts will advise you on the best printing technology to choose for your request.

To meet the growing demand for short runs, we now offer a digital printing service. Digital stands out in its print quality, preparation time and affordable price.

Digital printing will be your best choice :

  • if you have one or multiple small quantities
  • if you have really small and fine details in your artwork
  • if you do not have any special colors to reproduce
Our team of experts will advise you on the best printing technology to choose for your request.